Weekend bubble baths

“Happiness is a long, hot bubble bath.”

Hi again!

Status update: Feeling happy and relaxed

And I hope you are too! Today – Sunday – is normaly a day I dread, mainly because it’s the day before school starts again. So I decided to have a bubble bath to make me feel better. Plus, it was a chance to just loosen up and do, well, nothing. Who wouldn’t want to steal a chance like that?

I mean what better way is there than to fill a bath with warm water and drop in a bath bomb from Lush on a rainy day or maybe pour in a Zoella Bath Latte with her lifestyle candles all around? Then when you are done, slather your fave body lotion all over you? (mine is Zoella’s Candy Cream body lotion) I know – there isn’t anything better!

Sadly, that’s not what I did. That’s what I wanted to do, but not what I actually did. Instead I just ran a hot bath, sunk in, and put on ‘Ciao Adios’ by Anne-Marie and ‘You don’t know me’ by Jax Jones. At this point you’re probably thinking ‘how on earth do these songs go with a rainy day bubble bath?’ They don’t. But if you are one of those peeps who can make anything work in their own weird way, you would have probably figured out how I got this going for me. Also it’s not actually raining – I don’t know why I even said it was.

Short post today, yay! Well thank you for reading and as always, I am looking forward to your comments.

Thank you again,

MyGirlBlogger xxx