Spring is in the air!

“Bloom where you are planted<3.”

Hi everyone!

Happy Monday! How has the week been treating you so far? It’s been fine for me – just typical school work really which is not too boring as you would probably imagine before you actually do it. Today’s topic is spring! Spring is one of my favourite seasons because it’s the most beautiful. I especially love spring’s colour scheme – mainly because it’s endless! From the shades of pink to the shades of green, everything about spring is so pretty.

Don’t you just love the smell of freshly cut grass, butterflies fluttering graciously all over fields and bees bouncing from flower to flower? I definitely do! I think the thing that signifies spring are unquestionably the daffodils. Even if it’s late April, I won’t believe it’s spring until I see those daffodils. I remember when I was little, I’d pick any daffodil I saw and make a mini collection.

What’s your favourite part of spring and what signifies it to you?

Here are some things I’d really like to do during spring time that I think you might like too:

  • Plant fruits or veggies
  • Have a picnic in the park or your backgarden
  • Have something to drink outside of a café
  • Go fruit picking
  • Feed some ducks if you find any
  • Go bike riding
  • Pick or buy some fresh flowers and place in a vase in your house
  • Pet a bunny
  • Go window shopping for spring outfits (see my pinterest board for some ideas)

I hope you found this helpful if you had no idea what to do this spring and if you did have something to do, maybe you could add something else to your list!

Thank you for reading,

MyGirlBlogger xxx