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“Take a deep breathe, and enjoy life.

Hi everyone,

Thank you very much for visiting my blog again and I just want to thank my little group of lovely supporters. You guys inspire me to carry on blogging. I want to also welcome my new supporters to the mini #MGBfam and I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts! Today I was on this amazing app called Recolor (you can get it on Google play or Appstore) and saw this super-cute fox standing in a yoga position so I decided to colour it in. Recolor is such a lovely, calming app that has well over 1000 new pictures every day to colour in and don’t judge this app before even downloading just because I said ‘colour in,’ this is such a satisfying, creative and fun app for whenever you feel stressed, anxious or just plain bored. This isn’t sponsored, Recolor is just one of my favourite things to do! If you want to view some of my creations, why not head to my Instagram page?

Speaking of anxiety or stress, this is a post about what you can do to relieve these sorts of feelings and what you can do if you are feeling tense and need to just ~relax~


I’m pretty sure this is a common one but it’s a good idea to share this anyways just to make sure you know about this exercise if you never thought of it. Yoga is a very good exercise to practise in times of stress or times when you need to relax. There are many many different types of yoga positions to try on Pinterest or other sources for that matter and I am sure it will help you too. I do a few yoga moves and stretches when I can’t get to sleep and it really does work. Next time you feel uneasy or just can’t nod off, try busting out a few yoga positions and you will surely have a good night’s sleep!


Mediation is by far one of the best exercises to practise if you feel worried or again, feel stressed. If yoga doesn’t work for you, then try meditating. It’s not easy at first, but trust me, from experience I know that it does get better and easier! All you have to do is light a candle and put it in front of you, turn any sound around you if possible, close your eyes slightly (but just enough so you can still see the candle light) and if you like , put on some quite, calming music. I would suggest a song you have never heard before and an instrumental just to prevent singing along as I did try this the first time round and ended up singing the songs in my head the whole time! Clear your mind and try not to think of anything except the candle light flickering gently before your eyes. Let me know in the comments if this helps you!!


Last but not least, recolor! There isn’t much to say about this one because I have talked all about it in the first paragraph but a few last tips would be to sit in a quiet environment and pick a picture that has a lot of detail so that it takes a while to colour in and go! You can view my creations like I said on my instagram page.


OKAY! That’s it for today!! Thank you for reading and I am sorry for not posting for a bit but I’m back!

Thank you again for reading,

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  • Girluser

    Nice post. I will definitely be doing these, thanks

    • mygirlblogger

      Thank you!!! 😀 xoxo