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Writing An Exam: Tips&Tricks!

“Push yourself because no one is going to do it for you.”
Hi everybody,

How has the week been for you so far? Mine has been great, although we have been doing quite a few tests this week which I actually really enjoy. Speaking of tests, today’s post is going to be about ways to help you ace any test or exam, or just to be ahead of your class generally in life. I love learning new facts everyday and I love people who do too!

I remember when I was doing my entrance exam for my grammar high-school and I remember clearly that it was extremely easy because of these amazing tips I used to guide me through the way. These tips are definitely fun and motivational for those who love to study, learn new things and take on different challenges everyday. These are things I have tried and with no questions will recommend. Here are the tips!…


Now this is just stating the obvious when it comes to exams but it is also the most important. If you don’t study then there is basically no point in taking the exam even if you are incredibly smart. Ever heard the saying ‘Pride comes before a fall’? Remember, never think that you can stop studying because you think you have learnt everything straight away, and I tell you that from past experience.


Making timetables for studying is so important but also so fun and creative! A timetable will help you make time to study and will also help you keep track of your day and how long you spend reading your practise workbooks. Once you’ve decided on how long you are going to be reading each subject for, you can design it with scrapbook stickers and washi tape for a beautiful and motivational study guide!!


This is a good way of studying and getting your grades up if you know you aren’t going to be messing around the whole time and watching Netflix. Doing this with friends can give you the chance to quiz each other to make sure you have learnt what you read and not just crammed it inside your head. Friends can also correct you so that you don’t make that same mistake twice.


Picking a clean, spacious and air-vented area to work in is a key to gaining knowledge from your books, mainly because you will be extremely healthy and relaxed when reading. If one stays in an air-tight room or an unclean environment, that can have serious effects on one’s health. Make sure to choose wisely when it comes to places to study and one more thing, a quite café is a very good choice.


Having the right equipment is vital. You will need: A HB pencil, A blue or black biro (the examiner will specify) and an eraser. Make sure you don’t take a ruler or protractor if they specifically ask you not to otherwise they’ll assume you are using it to cheat and you may have your papers taken away and automatically get 0.


When taking an exam, you need to be quick. Real exams aren’t going to give you as much time as you think and I found this out the hard way. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Although I did recover after the first section of the exam paper and sped up, not everyone else will do the same. Therefore, practise like you’re doing the actual exam. Get mock exam papers and practice practice practice!!!


Try to avoid using written methods when it comes to maths and try using mental calculation methods. Even our examiner told us that! Methods like these slow you down and take an incredible amount of time so try not to do them if you don’t exactly have to. It’s a waste of time and marks lost that you actually could have gotten. Make sure never to fret on one question either trying to work it out. Move on and if you have time when you are done, go back to it.


This is the last and most significant tip of them all. It is also my favourite tip because I use this tip whenever I have no idea of the answer to a question. If you are completely stuck on a question, even after finishing a section and going back, never leave that question unanswered if it’s a multiple choice. I remember a time when we were doing maths work in school and my friend next to me didn’t know the answer to a multiple choice question. She told me she didn’t know the answer and she wasn’t going to guess in case she got it wrong. Never do what she did. In this case, do guess. But only guess if there is no other option or if you have gone over the question 100 times and still can’t figure out the answer. After all, you aren’t going to lose marks if you get the answer wrong and you were going to get it wrong anyways by not putting an answer. What if you do happen to get it right? That’s one more mark!        Credits to my uncle for this tip!!!

Those are all of my tips for today, thank you guys for visiting my blog again and I hope these tips are useful. Let me know in the comments if they were!!!!

Until next time,

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