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My Night Routine 2017

“Sing me to sleep, I’ll see you in my dreams…”

Hi everyone! Today I am going to talk about my night routine I use all year round. Normally I’d just do like a fifteen second video of my routine on but instead I am going to do it properly so it’s easier to follow. Also, happy April Fools Day for Saturday! We went out to the cinemas and had a lot of fun but I am not getting into that. These types of blog posts usually inspire me to change my routines because they seem so fun and healthy but this is the routine I have settled with and am loving so so much right now.

This is personally quite a good routine whatever, whenever. Before I lose it and start rambling about nothing, let’s just get straight into it.

Brush My Teeth…After I have my dinner, I go up to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I do this first thing mainly because of what I do next. It is important you brush your teeth twice a day otherwise you will be more prone to getting plaque and tooth decay. Besides, it’s only going to take 2 minutes… 2 minutes over rotten teeth??

2. Wash My Face…

If I wore makeup that day, I’d normally get it off by washing my face with a good soap and warm water and it washes away like magic! But as always, just those two paired won’t get everything off so you can always use a good facial cleanser to scrub away any hidden foundation inside your pores after washing. The last thing you want is to wake up in the morning with a face caked in pimples and spots!!

3. Moisturise… 

My favourite moisturiser has definitely got to be the Zoella Candy Cream body lotion because it smells amazing and feels amazing! It has tiny pink beads in it which I suppose is for better moisturising (they are kind of like the tiny ones you find in body scrubs except the ones in the lotion melt away when you rub it into your skin… defo recommend it!).

4. Slip Into My PJs…

This is the best part! This is the bit where you can just throw on your onesie, kick back and Netflix&Chill. Although I don’t always do that, that is probably the best way to relax without stressing about what you can do. Or I mean you could just put on your pyjamas and lie down in bed whilst watching your favourite TV show.

5. Read A Book 

I don’t know if I said in my post about book faves, but I am obsessed with reading as well as writing. Books that I would normally read before going to bed are ones that send you off into some sort of relatable fantasy and have you wondering what’s going to happen next or one that makes you carry on the story yourself if that’s makes any sense at all.

And then I sleep! That’s my night routine and I hope you have enjoyed reading about it. If you are stuck with what to start your night routine with, here is a very simple way to do it and doesn’t cost anything at all, just everyday essentials! Thank you for reading and don’t forget to enter your email to have notifications sent straight to your inbox whenever I post. Comment what your favourite body lotion is and if you have any suggestions for facial cleansers and I will reply!!!

Thank you again and until next time,

MyGirlBlogger xoxo


  • Girluser

    Hi mygirlblogger, nice post. I like Zoella cream, I think it smells amazing

    • mygirlblogger

      Hi Girluser, yes yes yes!!! Zoella creams smell gorge xxx 😀