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5 Blogs I have been living for lately!! Apr-2017

“Do it with passion, or not at all.”

Hi everybody!

If you follow my Instagram then you will already know what this post is about. On the other hand, a bit of common sense will tell you that today’s post is going to be about what is written in the title- my top 5 fave bloggers this April. I decided to do this after reading a couple of posts on recommended bloggers, so here goes! These blogs also have to do with their photography (obviously if it’s me :D). Make sure to follow me on my Instagram and other social media if you haven’t already!!!

  1. Its-Just-Snyx
  2. Emsstars
  3. Rosinalee
  4. Everything Me xx
  5. Tabi Bee

Its Just Snyx

Its just snyx (a.k.a its not snyx on instagram) is on of my faves because her photography is simply beautttiiiiffffuullll!! Her blog is lovely as well and I love the colour scheme. Although I am not a ‘on Wednesday we wear pink’ type girl, I absolutely love the fact that her Instagram account and her blog is so pretty and pink! Her content on her blog is so so interesting to read and something I’d definitely read with my breakfast to put me in a good mood for the day!!!


Again the photography is the bombbbbb! I don’t know why, but I am completely drawn to her Instagram profile picture – it’s picture perfect! Anyway, Emsstars is a lovely blogger with amazing content and pictures and I love that it’s a lifestyle and beauty blog, so that means I can always go to her blog to read and there will always be something to suit my mood or bring it back up again!


Another amazing photographer with such unique content and I love to read her posts when it comes right through to my inbox. I always try to be first to like or first comment on how entertaining and amazing it is to read because I kid you not, without a doubt, it completely is! I am also currently loving her new theme and it was definitely a good idea to go ‘self-hosted’. <3

Everything Me xx

Honestly for me, I’m just living in a world of endless art work – a.k.a photography!!! Everything Me xx ‘s photography is gorgeous and her blog is just even better! Beauty, Fashion and especially Lifestyle are my three favourite things to read about and Everything Me xx is all three of that in one! Her blog is extremely fun and inspirational and I am so going to use her editing photos advice when I get a camera!!!

Tabi Bee

Last but not least, the fun, creative, DIY blogging purist Tabi Bee. If you have read my photography post then you will see that I have mentioned Tabi Bee as one of my fave photographer. She is also one of my fave DIYists and her drawings are so cute!!! You should definitely go straight to her blog if you need something to do for the day because trust me, you can be on her blog the whole day and not ever get bored. There are just so many fun and easy crafts to do from her blog!!!

So that’s my top 5 for today. Please don’t be upset if you weren’t mentioned here. Remember these are just my top 5 and I do have other favourite bloggers. But anyways I hope you enjoyed this post and follow my blog to be notified of when I post. Who is your favourite blogger? Leave it in the comments and I will be sure to reply. Also give this post a thumbs up so I know!

Have a lovely week,

MyGirlBlogger xoxo

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