Hacks your routine has been begging for 2k17 pt 2- Lifestyle collab <3

“Be in love with every minute of your life!”

Another lifestyle post yet again.
Hello Planet Internet and welcome back to my blog. If you are new here then welcome hugs! Today I am here to do a collab with my good blogger friends Rosamae and Rosinalee that I promised. As a part 2 to my beauty hacks post, this is going to be a lifestyle hacks. Don’t forget to check out Rosamae’s and Rosinalee’s blog as they are such lovely girls! OK, let’s go!

OK so the first hack for your amazing lives is this – if you use an iPad (or any hand-held device for that matter) to watch YouTube videos  in bed and you are tired of holding it up, use sticky coat pegs and stick them onto a bedside table however you fancy and place your device up onto it. This should hold it up and you can design it if you’d like to.

So for my selfie lovers out there, if you are taking a selfie (obviously because that’s the whole point of this hack), squint your eyes a little bit to make your smile look more genuine. This has made my selfies a whole lot better.

I have tried this and actually really like it. So maybe if you cant afford a speaker for your phone, here is the solution. Get a toilet roll and measure out the bottom of your phone. draw it on to the toilet roll and cut it out. Then if you’d like, give it a bit of love by adding some washi tape or maybe a few rhinestones then put in four cork-board pins as stands. It is makes a pretty good speaker if you ask me. As an accessory, I did this as well, measure out the length of your charger before decorating it and cut that at directly at the bottom  of the toilet roll (the top being where you cut out the phone slot). Once that’s done, stick in your charger and your phone and you’re done! Now you have a stand for your phone to charge and a speaker to listen to music… yay!

If you’re stranded in the wilderness for any apparent reason, and you have brought snacks along with you, Doritos are a great substitute for sticks if you can’t find any. By this, I mean you can set fire to Doritos if you can’t find any sticks to do so and it works great. I haven’t tried this and I don’t think I will ever need to – hopefully – but I have seen it on YouTube and it looks like it works great. I wonder what will happen if you use spicy Doritos…

Put coloured tape on the ends of your cables and label them so you never again pull out the wrong plug and have your wifi go off again. Trust me, it’s not fun.

Use a straw to remove the stem of a strawberry to prevent any mess whilst saving money buying stem-removers, if that’s a thing. I know you might not be saving money with straws but hey, it’s a mess-free life hack…!

If you make iced coffees at home (*hands held high*), then you need this hack. Make a normal coffee – the iced coffee of your choice, just not iced- the night before and pour it into an ice cube tray. That way, when you are ready to make your iced latte or whatever for that matter, you can use the coffee ice to do so. And again, that way, when the ice melts, it won’t water down the coffee.

If you are a person who tends to sleep in a lot because of that wretched snooze button, this hack will help you out. Next time you set your alarm, put it into a glass cup a few metres away from your bed. This will make it echo louder and you will have to get out of bed to turn it off. Once your out off bed, you most likely won’t get back in. Comment down below if you think you will 🙂 .

To make sure you drink enough water throughout the day, mark your desired times with a sharpie out onto your bottle and fill it up. Now when you drink, you will know how much you need to drink by a specific time. If you don’t want to write on your bottle, put tape on the marked out places and write on the tape instead.

If you run out of charging ports, use your TV. This might sound a bit odd but your TV should have a USB port that you can plug your charger in so you don’t have to worry about having your phone in a different room. But I wouldn’t advise using it whilst charging, just a disclaimer.

And last but most certainly not least, use an accented letter for your password so no one will be able to get into your phone ever again! Unless you tell them your password has an accented letter, then that was a pretty useless point. It worked for me. Oh wait, pretend you never read that…

Those are my life hacks for you guys today. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and don’t forget to check Rosamae’s and Rosinalee’s posts going up soon! Love you lots and see you later!

MyGirlBlogger xoxo