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What to do when your lil’ sis has her friend(s) around…

This applies to boys, as well.

Hi everyone! So as you can see from the title, my little sister’s friend has come over for the day. They are only 2 years younger than me so I am not really going to call it a ‘play date’. What I am going to write about today is basically, what to do if you are in this situation with me. Oh and before I start, OMG (Olu my gawd, only he will understand), if you are reading, I have decided to switch things up and write about this instead.


So first, go out on your own for a bit of fresh air and a little bit of time alone. You don’t really have to go alone but I did because I wanted to go at my own pace. Also, I wanted it to be a more independent walk, if you get what I mean, mum. Also, you might want to bring a bit of dosh with you for the next steps sake 🙂

Spend all your pocket money on a sugar rush. OK, don’t spend all your money on a sugar rush. Re-phrase – spend a bit of your pocket money on a sugar rush. I only spent less than £2.00 but I think you get the point. Also, when I go into overdrive with sweets and that sort, I choose sour sweets, and that’s not a joke.

Study for your upcoming exams (they aren’t really exams but y’know?) whilst watching the two through icing sugar everywhere as they bake. OK so that’s what they are doing right now but instead, I am writing this blog post. There isn’t much to say about this because I am kinda writing it all down.

Make plans to invite a friend over next weekend. This is just happening in my head though at the moment but yeah, you could do this as well. I have imagined everything we are going to do together but I haven’t even asked her yet. Oh well, let’s not jinx anything…

Skip around the house licking Bobby’s Mega Squeeze Pop off your fingers and humming along to the radio.

And finally, do your mum a favor by reading her work to make sure it makes complete sense. This doesn’t help pass any time, but I still love helping you mum. At this point, you are telling me about all your degrees in Uni. Very interesting, no really, it is…

That’s what I’ve got for you! Hope it helped if this is the same sort of situation you’re in. Just to let you know, I am not going to be active on Instagram this week so I’m sorry if I don’t follow back for a bit. Until next time,

Olu My Gawd,

it’s MyGirlBlogger! xxx