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My to-do list for this summer 2017!

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“The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever”

Hi everyone!!! So I know on Instagram I said I’d write a ‘things to do on a rainy day’ post but since it is nearing summer and today I felt a bit more ‘summery’ than usual, I decided this might be something you’d like to read over breakfast or with a cuppa paired with tracky bottoms and unicorn slippers. Anyway as you can see, I am going to give you my to-do list for this summer for my new school year.  Hopefully this list will inspire you if you are looking for a couple more things to do or maybe there is that odd day that you are up to nothing. OK, here goes!!!

  • Go to the beach
  • Do a bit of swimming
  • Walk on a pier whilst the sun begins to set
  • Take loads of pictures to build my photography skills
  • Do a bit of online shopping
  •  Window shop!
  • Have a day out in another town/city
  • Go to places like shops that I wouldn’t normally go to just for fun
  • Have a picnic in the park
  • Have something to drink outside of a café 
  • Have a meal outside of a restaurant.
  • Try 3 new iced beverages from Starbucks
  • Try something new from Costa
  • Buy a new summer outfit
  • Get new school supplies
  • Just get something new that I like 
  • Go out and people watch
  • Go out for no particular reason
  • Chill out in my back garden
  • Have a sleepover
  • Go out with a friend
  • Make a to-do list
  • Plan my dream house/room 
  • DIY my summer
  • Get a few bits and bobs from eBay to transform my things
  • Vlog/Blog
  • Watch YouTube vlogs over every breakfast
  • Dance to songs on the radio all day long
  • Find a fun way to make a bit of pocket money
  • Find fun things to try online
  • Make face masks
  • Try new beauty products
  • Try new skin care products/routines
  • Try foreign sweets or snacks
  • Spend some time on Pinterest (by the way, go follow mine!)
  • Draw
  • Exercise
  • Practise hand lettering
  • Find and print out my favourite quotes
  • Make a list of quotes to use for future blog posts
  • Find a super-cute hairstyle to do on my hair
  • Save up for something important…
  • And finally, last but most definitely not least (because there’s waaayyyy more I want to do…) Edit a whole summer’s worth of videos and vlogs and maybe – just maybe- start a YouTube channel, but it won’t be linked to this blog.

Goodness gracious! I still have truck loads of things I want to do this summer and there or only so many weeks during our summer holidays. But they are the main things I wanted to achieve this summer. I hope a few (ha, just a few) of these things inspired you for this summer and I will keep you updated on which of these I manage to do.

Thank you for reading and make sure to follow my blog and leave a thumbs up and a comment! What is you favourite activity on this list and what are you going to be up to this summer? Leave it in the comments and inspire others! I will be sure reply! Also any recommendations for Starbucks iced drinks?

Hands up if you can’t wait for the party-filled summer and trips to the beach!

MyGirlBlogger, blogging forever xxx