It’s a girl thing.

“Boys will never understand the struggle of long hair and lipgloss.” I am writing this right after my ‘Goodbyes are sometimes forever’ post as a bonus for not being around for 10 days. And this is a post that I have thought about for a little while so I might as well post this, right? Girls! We… Read More It’s a girl thing.

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The interview: Rosinalee♡

“No rain, No flowers🌸” Hello everybody! (Imagine Zoella saying that) Today – as you can see – I am interviewing one of my favourite bloggers/photographers ever. It’s Rosinalee guys. And if you haven’t seen her photos on Instagram then where exactly have you been living?? Like seriously, under a rock?! Anyways you need to have a look at her blog… Read More The interview: Rosinalee♡