♡2 New Look picks for Autumn♡

“Keep your heels, head and standards high” ~ Coco Chanel

Because you can’t beat a good sale, can ya now? No.

Hello everybody. So on my Instagram,I told you guys I was going to do the tiniest haul known to humankind. I didn’t lie there. Today I was out ‘shopping’ and I came across these two gorge jumpers from New Look. Ok so before I carry on, you’re probably wondering how the hell I got these during summer aren’t you? Well, I got it from one of those shops that sell branded clothing from shops like New Look, River Island, Debenhams… from previous seasons. I saw these two jumpers and literally couldn’t resist getting them for Autumn. Best part? The fact that they were both £4 each! Can you believe that?

I am terribly sorry… honestly this quality is killin me inside. It didn’t come out like this when I took the picture.


My favourite is this corally-coloured hoodie with two white stripes across the arms. I remember wanting to DIE for this hoodie around the beginning of the year when it was like – what? 12, 13 pounds?! Well, I got my hands on it now for 4 so, ha!♡♡

Obviously there are no links but it’s super cute all the same. Who knows – maybe it might come out again this winter. There is (well, was) also a wine red version of it and a white one with black stripes but they weren’t in my size. 《 Plus I think the this one looks cuter on me 😀 》It is so warm and cosy and I think that it’s perfect for autumn on its own with leggings and converse (hmm, might go in my ‘how to style: converse shoes’ post…) or with a bomber jacket with a faux fur hood from New Look,I swear I am going to get this sometime Y💛 – in winter. I feel like that sentence made no sense but you will figure it out sooner or later. Oh and btw, if you hadn’t figured out yet, this is from the 915 Generation☆

Contrary to the hoodie, this ♡beaut♡ jumper is from the, erm, Adults Generation ?¿ Anyway I absolutely loooovvveeee because 1. Grey is probably my new favourite colour and 2. I think those little folded, cuffed type things on the end of the sleeves and the bottom of the jumper are so pretty! I also love the way that it fits ~ like this jumper is literally TO. DIE. FOR.

Right – fun fact// winter is my new fave season… I discovered that this morning!🎄 Doesn’t this filter just remind you of everything Christmas??•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••And holdddd up – let’s talk about how this Charlie: Rio Rebel looks da bomb with this jumper. Like girl, I wish that every time I spray this bodyspray on me when I’m wearing this, it gives hints of it’s beautiful brazilian colours. It should be 83p from Superdrug but I can’t find a link to it sorry. I think it smells gorgeous – it has a strong scent of coconuts and pineapples, patchouli (whatever the heck that is), and even though I have never been, whenever I smell it, it reminds me of Brazil and oddly enough, the 2016 olympics. Ok this has now turned into a review of Charlie, moving on…

Thank you loads if you made it this far into the post and make sure to comment if you have any of these mentioned in the post or have come across them before. The header image for the post was my first flatlay attempt that I actually liked so I hope you like it too! Just out of interest, the stuff in the pics that I haven’t talked about, I might just do.

○This ‘Slay Queen’ baseball cap that I am living in right now I got from H&M last month

○The Rimmel London ‘Stay Glossy’ lipgloss in the shade ‘Pop Your Pink‘ I got for Christmas (can’t find any good links sorry)

○The Zoella Beauty ‘Candy Cream’ is from Superdrug and no offence, but Superdrug’s website is litterally the worst place to look for links because they have like zero things on their site.

That’s all today and I hope you enjoyed my first fashion related post. Love you loads…

MyGirlBlogger, Forever Online xxx




  • DaisyChainDreaming

    Loved this! Your whole style of writing is so much fun to read and I would love to see that post about how to style things with converse!
    DaisyChainDreaming xx

    • mygirlblogger

      Thank you so much!! Working on that series don’t worry 😉❤️ Missing our chats! Xx