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The interview: Rosinalee♡

“No rain, No flowers🌸”

Hello everybody! (Imagine Zoella saying that)

Today – as you can see – I am interviewing one of my favourite bloggers/photographers ever. It’s Rosinalee guys. And if you haven’t seen her photos on Instagram then where exactly have you been living?? Like seriously, under a rock?!

Anyways you need to have a look at her blog and her gorgeous feed on instagram bc I am telling you – it’s Goddamn goals.

Without further ado (I have never said that but now that I have, it feels good), let’s get on with this post!

Oh and the bits in bold are me and the bits in Italics are Rosinalee.

  • Why did you start blogging?

“Ooh, I started blogging because I just finished reading Girl Online and I loved the idea of having my own little corner of the internet!”

  • Where is your comfiest place to blog?

“Definitely on my bed!  Or sofa… in fact any place that is comfortable!”

  • What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

“Ooh tricky – I think my biggest failure was when I started blogging about things I knew other people liked but it wasn’t something I would want to blog about (if that makes sense). I started blogging for other people instead of myself, but I quickly changed that and now I’m blogging about things I love! I learned that you should never do something to please someone else but focus on something you love♡”

  • Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now?

“Well I hope that I meet many more bloggers and have a lot of fun! It would be cool to do things in real life with other bloggers like live events but for the moment, that’s only something I can dream about!

  • Who are your fave bloggers and why?

Definitely Zoella! Although she hasn’t been blogging a lot lately, I love her photos and positivity! She was the reason I started! But I really like all the smaller bloggers in the wordpress community! Everyone is so nice!

  • How do you motivate yourself to keep blogging?

Hmm – mainly because I always feel happy afterwards and because I love coming up with new ideas! And maybe also when I notice I haven’t posted in 11 days😉

  • What sorts of things do you review on your blog?

A lot of Zoella prods, new photography devices and show on Netflix! (Because Netflix is life.)

  • How do you manage your time for your blog?

Well on school days, I do it on a range of two days normally! So instead of watching TV or playing video games, I blog! But on holiday it’s easier because you have much more time so I usually just find a time like in the morning to blog!  

  • What type of blogger are you?

I consider myself a lifestyle blogger as I like a lot of things and write about lots of random topics

  • What do you find most challenging about being a lifestyle blogger?

Umm, not much as it’s much easier to stay in theme than a beauty blogger for example. They talk about things like makeup but their life isn’t only makeup but they don’t really blog about anything else (well, a few of them) – being a lifestyle blogger, you can talk about anything and it will still be in your ”theme”

  • How do you deal with haters (if you have any which I can’t imagine! If you don’t have any, how would you deal?)

I’m pretty sure I haven’t got any hate (yet) ~ sidenote: she does not mean that she wants hate so please don’t start getting any ideas ~ which I’m really grateful for! But if I would delete it but email the person that he/she can have her own opinion but please keep it for themselves.

  • Ok just one more: if someone was starting as a new blogger, what would be your top tips to follow?

Be yourself, do it if YOU want to do it and not for anyone else and followers will come with time – be patient♡


[Warning: The shortest outro ever]

I hope you guys enjoyed that interview as much as me and Rosinalee did and I will see you in my next post. Bye!!

MyGirlBlogger, Forever Online xxx