It’s a girl thing.

“Boys will never understand the struggle of long hair and lipgloss.”

I am writing this right after my ‘Goodbyes are sometimes forever’ post as a bonus for not being around for 10 days. And this is a post that I have thought about for a little while so I might as well post this, right?

Girls! We all go through the same struggle… right? So here I am to spell it out to you if you don’t even realise it’s happening to you. Ok I am joking – there is no way you won’t notice these. But maybe this isn’t the reality for you ~ yet. So, erm, I am here to spell it out to you  ??

Anyway, nowadays – things seem to be waaayyy different. All of a sudden, what brands you wear, the makeup you use and stuff like that matters so much. I don’t know why, but the more sets of huaraches you own or the more shades of Barry M lippies you have, the cooler and more popular you are. Well, no matter how often you take trips down to Superdrug because you’re ‘out of your favourite 10ml, £50 foundation’ (I am not even kidding… I found one like that) or JD because you suddenly don’t really like the colour Air Max you have anymore, there are things that get in the way. Er, hello?? Come back down to earth will ya? It’s life!

The reasons why it’s difficult being a girl in the 21st century…

  1. You have to look great all the time
  2. So that you can take ‘#wokeuplikethis’ selfies without fault
  3. Buuttttt, that huge zit on the centre of your chin has other plans which makes number 2 impossible (it was impossible anyways stop pretending)
  4. Then you have to go to school looking a sight
  5. Never mind the panicking you get everyday trying to remember if you put your homework in your bag the night before.
  6. You start getting dangerously hungry (this very point started making me starve – no joke) so you have a chocolate fest.
  7. Only to say hi to your spot’s triplets the next day
  8. Your friends invite you to go out shopping for no particular reason but you are broke AF after all that chocolate so you have to find a way to politely let them down whilst worrying if they are going to hate you for never hanging out with them
  9.   Your mum thinks you’re stupid because you believe everything nowadays is expensive ~ well I’m sorry that there’s a reason only people like Kim do their grocery shopping in Chanel!
  10. To take your mind off of life, you plan for something merely exciting like your birthday
  11. Only to realise you’re going to be on your freaking period then
  12. Instead, you go on Snapchat trying out all the filters
  13. But none of them look cute on you anymore so Instagram is your next go-to
  14. You start to scroll through your discover page but the only thing on it are girls with to-die-for bikini bodies
  15. No matter how many times you watch videos of how people photoshop themselves and how many times you tell yourself that, you still end up crying over it
  16. And crying over life
  17. And then you forget why you started crying in the first place but carry on because you have nothing left to do

You know what, I am stopping there before you flood your devices with tears.

I hope you enjoyed this post today (hmm, can you really enjoy reading that?) and I will see you next time!

MyGirlBlogger, forever online xxx