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“Success for me isn’t the destination, it’s the journey<3” – RiRi

So obviously everyone knows about Zoe Sugg (a.k.a Zoella) and her whole line of beauty and lifestyle products – merch, if you wish. Soooooo… I decided why not have a little chat about her, her prods, her blog and her YouTube success so far. I thought this post was kind of appropriate because as so many of you will know, Zoella has come up with the cutest range in her beauty collection called Jelly and Gelato. *takes a deep breath* I will give you a moment to appreciate that. If I start marvelling at how unique that is I may be here forever… so I will let you marvel at it alone😅 This is actually quite exciting for some reason ~ don’t mind me… Anyway, back to the topic. So there isn’t much of an intro today apart from the fact that I love Zoe and her videos, I love her prods and I love her blog!<3 So why not leave a comment down below if you love Zoella and I will be sure to reply<3

Let’s start with her blog

As a lot of you may know, Zoella started off as a blogger before starting up a YouTube channel. I discovered her blog from one of her vlogs with *Poppy when she was talking about her blog. I decided why not have a look? It’ most certainly going to be as good as her videos, right? Well, yes – it is. I really love her blog because she knows how to connect with and hook her readers. Also it’s always something to read with breakfast or with a nice, hot cuppa or even just before you go to bed! The only downside is the fact that she hasn’t posted since… the beginning of March?!

Her Products

So this makes me excited when I talk about her products for some reason. I only I have 2 of her products that I received as a Christmas gift; the Tutti Fruity Candy Cream and Kissy Missy lip balm (I couldn’t find any links for these products sorry; you can buy them on eBay or Amazon or in store in Superdrug and Feel Unique *UK ONLY*). I got another of her products (the Zoella lifestyle candle in the scent *Daisy Picking) for Christmas but that has finished now. Also can we just talk about how cute her newest range ‘Jelly and Gelato’ is. It supposedly haas a sweet kind of scent to it which I would trust because her products are always on point and there are so many good reviews on it!

I haven’t ever come round to buying some of her prods but I definitely will soon. If I did buy some, I would love to get:

So erh, yeah that’s my list so far. I am obviously not getting everything in one go but I hope to cross things of my list soon!

Her YouTube success

So I think quite a lot of people know her from her main channel on YouTube although she does vlog on *MoreZoella. On her main channel *Zoella, she is almost at 12 million subscribers and as I am writing this, she has finally posted the video I have been waiting for ~ click *here to find out which one it is! (Yeah I started writing this AGES ago) I was really looking forward to this video because Zoe hasn’t posted for a while. Anyways ~ she started her YouTube channel in 2009 whilst working in *New Look. Imagine that? You decided to go and look for something to add to your summer wardrobe in New Look and you spot your idol scanning a pair of heels for a an old lady. Haha maybe not but it’s worth the thought! Her videos are mostly fashion and beauty hauls and ‘favourites’ videos where she shows her favourite products (normally beauty-based) of the month that went by. Her vlogs are just like every other one (not in a bad way); she takes you through her day and you get to see what she is up to and who she is meeting up with or hanging out with. This may sound pretty boring but it actually isn’t once you start watching. Oh did I mention she has 4 million subscribers on her vlogging channel?

Vwala! That brings us to the end of this post. Yay! Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow me and comment! This is a mini list of what you can comment about (yes, I am just about to write a list of that):

  1. Which Zoella product you have/want from this list
  2. Whether you read/watch Zoella

OK so there wasn’t any need for a ‘list’ but hey, who cares?

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