10 things I’d save in a fire ~ tag❤️

“She survived because the fire inside her burned brighter than the one around her ❤️”

Hi lovelies! So today, I am going to do the a tag I discovered a bit ago over on Amelia’s blog and I thought it be nice to share what I would save if I was ever in a fire. Oh my God I know how long ago this was but I thought I might give it a go. I promise I am not only just reading Amelia’s post. I pray that that will never ever happen to me or you reading because that would be absolutely horrible.

You need to have a look at Amelia’s blog because if you haven’t, you’ve been living under a rock. I found out about the tag from her so take a look at her super pretty blog plus her version of the tag! I’m sorry for not getting UTD (she did this tag in March) but I think it’s an interesting tag so, let’s go!

What would I save??

  1. My family
  2. My phone and charger
  3. A warm blanket
  4. A lighter/box of matches
  5. My purse
  6. As many books as possible
  7. My laptop(and charger)
  8. USB/memory cards
  9. I don’t know
  10. I still don’t know😂

Am I supposed to do an explanation on why I would bring these things? Well obviously we would all take our families first because your family come first, right?

My phone and charger comes next because that’s how I would call emergency services, connect with you guys and let other family members know that I am ok.

A warm blanket is necessary if you ask me because what if it has just rained (it probably would have here in Britain), it would be cold so I would need something to shake off all that shock from losing my home whilst warming myself up.

Anyways, I would bring a lighter or some matches with me similar to the reasons for the blanket – to keep me warm if for any reason we had to sleep on the streets. Hopefully we wouldn’t need to but you can never be to sure.

If we were stranded for any reason, money is vital for food and shelter possibly. What’s worse than not being able to get anything at all to eat because you lost a whole load of your extra change to a fire?

So many of you probably know by now that I am an absolute book worm. Or if you are new here, hi I am MyGirlBlogger and I am an absolute book worm. But anyways that’s not the point. The point is that this should have gone last😂 If I did manage to save books, it would be for the entertainment or more likely for something to take my mind away from what would have happened.

My laptop and USB would be for memories that can’t be replaced and so that I can still post on my blog because if I had to live on the streets with no food and no source of warmth except that tiny glimpse of sun that we sometimes get in England, I would definitely still post on my blog at least one last time. By the way, my laptop still isn’t working so I am writing this on my phone😩

Ok, that brings me to the end of this post. Thank you so much for reading if you got to this point and I can’t wait till my next post – whatever it will be😂

I am sorry about the quality of my header image just to put that out there. My original edit wouldn’t upload so I had to screenshot it🙈

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Bye for now x

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