Those ‘blurgh’ kind of days

“Step out of your comfort zone, then step back in immediately and appreciate how comfy it is🌝”

You know that feeling when you feel demotivated as hell like you don’t even care what happens in your life at that given moment? Yeah, that’s how I feel right now. I don’t know if it’s PMS or something but like heck I really don’t give one about anything at the moment. 

I went to the park for a bit of motivation/inspiration to write a blog post because that’s what I like to do when I feel a bit ‘not myself’. Only just to find that something else to add to my ‘not myself’-ness ~ I wasn’t getting any inspiration at all. I sat for what felt like forever just staring around, trying to relax, breathing in (deeply thinking about life) – which was pretty useless seeing as there were kids who looked like a year older than me swearing like their lives depended on it. 

I went home after about an hour, feeling worse. I literally couldn’t care less about anything – I legit through my phone across my bedroom and that never happens! Well I mean I guess I do drop it a lot… never mind. But I don’t normally lob it so yeah.

I was frying an egg for myself (that’s how sad I was😂) and then it hit me! I decided I’d write this post to express how I feel to you guys (if you have made it up to here, well done😂).

So basically, I am going to make a list – classic. 

Things I do when I feel ‘blurgh’😩

  1. Fry an egg
  2. Drink a lot of coffee with like 10 pounds of sugar (@bloggingthroughmyeyes I don’t get a sugar rush though😂🌝)
  3. Blog
  4. Lie down and go on my phone
  5. Realise there is no Internet and then realise I finished all my data in 2 days and went over my allowance
  6. Sit down in a hot place but have no energy to move
  7. Deeply plan out my whole life
  8. Bullet Journal – it’s such a stress reliever when you aren’t constantly interrupted by your mum saying it’s time for bed when it’s 10 o’clock like it’s summer holidays come on!
  9. Think about school
  10. Plan for something I know will probably never happen

I don’t know what else to write now because this is pretty much what I brainstormed whilst I was eating my egg. 

I am gonna go now but leave in the comments what you do when you feel like this and if you do any of the same things as me when you feel ‘blurgh’. I have said that word way too much now it’s starting to creep me out. Hmm I should go.

See you when I do!

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