Late Night Blogging//B-2-S Chit Chat ❤️

“it’s amazing when someone remembers the smaller details about you😌”

Is anyone else oddly excited about going back to school, or is that just me? I am literally buzzing about how I can’t wait for high school to start, but seconds later, I think to myself about how when the time comes closer and closer, I’d be wishing I could turn the clocks back to the beginning of the summer I won’t be getting back for a whole year. It’s nice being away from school for a month, even if my summer kind of sucked, but it will still be a bit upsetting when I go to school with no proper break for another 2ish months.

I don’t know if that really matters to me much anymore seeing as I love school so much. It’s impossible for me to explain properly how much I can’t wait for school and the karma I am going to really hate when it gets way too close.

You know when you shake a can of Coke and watch it explode everywhere? It’s so cool isn’t it. But once all the amazingness fizzes away, you realise you have to clean up the mess and you wish you didn’t open the can in the end. But I kind of want to enjoy the fizzing forever and never feel anything for the cleaning up bit because I don’t want to have to clean up at all. Do you get that?

I don’t know. But I am excited that’s all!

The very few things I won’t be looking forward to is the fact I was put in German instead of the language I wanted – Spanish – 😭, worrying that I will be late because I will be taking a bus anddd getting an F on anything (which probably will never happen but pride comes before a fall right? God, I jinx everything).

For German, the only reason keeping me from being ok with it is the fact that the current year said they feel bad for us being in German because the teacher is horrible🙈

My form Tutor seems really nice so that’s ok – she is Irish and her accent is THE CUTEST!!!!😂❤️❤️


I am sure so many of us have new plans and schedules and stationery and cute backpacks and bullet journals and colour codes and hole punchers and copper-coloured staplers and chevron-patterned binders and those emergency kits you will probably need a lot. Yeah I see you.

But then do you have that one thing that gets in the way of it all and just plain ruins it? No, just me? I am not gonna say what but I just wanted to know if I was the only one who has that one thing/person that kind of throws away everything privately planned just so I can follow on with their plans.

This unreal-real life has its many ways of getting to you.

I legitimately can’t believe how so many people can just swoop in and ruin all your carefully planned out, timed plans for a ‘new life’ and basically you in general maybe just for the satisfaction it brings. And the one thing I still have (my blog) that brings me happiness, someone is trying to crush that too. Lovely🤗


Anyway I am going to leave it here today. I am looking forward to reading all of your Back-2-School posts like I said in my last post, so let me know on Insta or tweet me if you do post one!❤️

Good Luck in school!

MyGirlBlogger, forever online xxx