French Girl In New York// book review📚

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Ok so I am shamefully admitting that my blog has been a slight mess and nothing that I planned at all this Summer. TBH, nothing is going how I anticipated this summer at all. I haven’t gone to the beach yet, blogging in a café with a Caramel And Popcorn from Starbucks hasn’t happened yet, but the one thing I 110% made sure happened was lots and lots of photos. Things are a bit hectic in my life at the moment but things will be normal sooner or later. Oh and by the way, in case I didn’t say (that wasn’t meant to rhyme☺️), my laptop is having issues which means I have to use my phone to blog which is a pain in its own never mind spending actual time on my blog improving it. And to think the easiest thing I could do this summer was spend time on my blog.

Anyway, the one other thing that brings joy and meaning to my life is reading. So obviously I camped out in the library for a bit of this summer.

But the book I am about to review has nothing to do with the library (actually it does, because it’s a book and… never mind). I bought this book on an app we have all heard of – the amazing Amazon Kindle App!!😁 I actually didn’t buy anything. It was free. I bought it for £0.00!

I am absolutely in loveeeee with Kindle right now because seeing as I haven’t had internet for ages, as my Insta Fam know, Kindle is the only thing that keeps me going. I spend hours on it everyday ~ this is actually a true fact… I checked in Settings😂

‘French Girl In New York’ is a book written by Anna Adams about a 16 year old French girl (as the title suggests) called Maude who was whisked away to New York by a music producer after discovering her incredibly incredible talent in a café in Paris.

That’s about all I am giving away.

Ooh yes, she meets a handsome, singer-songwriter called Matt and guess what? He is an 18 year old pop star. Anddddd, do you reckon they will fall for each other or will they end up strangling each other. You will only understand that if you read the book. So go on!

Guys, have you realised yet? This book is so much like Girl Online! Why not have a look at my review on that after this one seeing as we are on the topic? *shameless self-promo☺️*

Maude and Penny are both sixteen and they both fall for 18 year old pop stars! Oh god, I gave too much away. Ignore that bit.

But anyways, I have never read a book that almost makes me cry every time I remember I don’t have the second book. This book is one of the best books anyone will ever read! There are six books in the series so you better start saving up your pocket money!

The first book in the series is free and so is the app so I don’t even know what you are waiting for. I literally want them to make a movie of this but at the same time I don’t because it will just ruin the effect the book has on people. It’s so inspiring how much Maude learns in New York and how much she grows is unbelievable! She learns so much about herself and discovers so many new things about music she never would have known or found out by herself I she still lived in Carvin. It’s inexplicable how much I was inspired by Anna Adam’s book to take risks (😉), explore what’s right under my nose, discover things and places I never knew existed, and just have fun!

I am definitely going to get the second book in the series because I tell you now, that book is worth the money (I know that without even reading it).

I hope you liked that review and have been encouraged to read French Girl In New York. The second book is called French Star In New York just incase you were wondering. I can’t find the ratings for the first book, but the second book was rated a huge 4 and a half out of 5 and I am not in the slightest surprised about that. Actually I am. Why isn’t it a 5? Why?? Why am I still here? Why don’t I have the second book still?*my life*

You can get Kindle on pretty much every type off App Store (like Apple, Android…) plus it’s free so I don’t even know why you are still reading this sentence like go and download it!!

Ok yes I have finished ranting on now😂 But before you go, what would you like to see from me for back to school posts? Leave it in the comments or DM me on Insta because I am going to be making a list – my specialty😂❤️

Ahh I can’t wait to start reading everyone’s back to school posts (especially Tabi’s DIY’s😊🐰) so send me a DM on my Instagram if you do end up posting any sort of B-2-S blog.

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