Back To School Haul ~ 2017

Oh my god, this has literally been THE QUICKEST summer holidays I have ever had in my life. Like where’s August rushed to?


Today, I decided I’d show you guys what I got for this new school year because I know there are 1 or 2 people who might not know where to start for school shopping. You’re wondering why I am doing this now? Well I haven’t started school yet unlike the people who started in August. But hey it’s never to late to go back~to~school 

Right, so I am starting high school this year so I am sorry if these things seem a little bit extra but I know I am going to use every single one of these things (in or out of school).

These T-Bar shoes are from Deichmann and we’re going kind of quick actually. I think it’s safe to say that this was literally the first time that that Deichmann was pretty flipping busy😂 Anyways, these shoes were £19.99 and all the school shows in Deichmann are currently ‘buy one get on half price’ kind of deal so yeah that was cool😂


I just realised I took no pictures of my backpack so here is a link to it😂It is unbelievably spacious in this thing like I am literally forever discovering hidden pockets EVERYWHERE in this bag.

I absolutely love this black notebook that I got from Wilko the other day (not that I am picking favourites but you know) for £3.00 and this coffee cup from Asda for £2.50.

Yes, this cup was £3.00 before but when I went to get it, it turned out they had reduced it by 50p which I was pretty thrilled about – don’t ask why. The notebook is A4 which is great, but the best part about is that the pages are a vintages kind of brown! Ok, forget that – I can pick favourites if I want. Also the sun was the best for this one so, erm, bare with.

These pencils are from Wilko as well and they were £1.00! They are fro the Unearthed stationery collection (so is the notebook above) and I think that was my favourite collection in Wilko – what’s not to love? 4 of the pencils have quotes on them and one has a cute watermelon pattern all over it. I wasn’t sure if these pencils were HB or not, so to play safe I just threw into my pencil case a random HB I had lying around.

Yeah, so the pencil case I was on about up there is from Home Bargains for something around £2? I don’t know because they don’t have it on the site and my mum lost the receipt. There was a navy-blue colour but I preferred the green colour and I love the size of it as well – it fits everything I need so well!


Along with the pencil case, I got some clicky kind of pens from Wilko for around £1.50. Again, can’t find the receipt. Oh wait I can check the website *face palm*

Ooh spot on! Ok so these came in a pack of 5 with the standard black blue and green colours, them an extra purple and pink. I picked up a 4 pack of Bic pens along side it because the clicky ones didn’t come with a red.

These rubbers came in a really cute 6 pack {😏} from the Unearthed Collection. Can you tell I am obsessed?

They were £1.75 and came in a pineapple-shaped container, pot thing. Oh yeah the reason there are 5 is because I gave my sister the watermelon rubber.


This ‘FOR BIG MISTAKES’ rubber was a pound from Wilko (I swear by this shop for stationery) but I actually got this for Christmas from a friend. So long story short – my friend got me this in September and we both ended doing this to it – then my sister just coloured it in with a sharpie

So she said she would get me a new one for Christmas because it was around that time we did that. I actually have no chance of losing this one this year *not that I will lose these really cute Unearthed ones* and I swore I wouldn’t touch this until high school. Well I lived up to that!


Yeah so the calculator up there is from Asda and it was on sale half price for just a fiva! I think there were about 3 colours? White, pink and purple. So I grabbed purple😂 it’s not my favourite colour or anything but it ended up matching my maths set which I am happy about🙊

That maths set I am happy about is the good old, classic ‘Helix Oxford Set of Mathematical Instruments’. This one’s limited edition which I am guessing is because it’s a coloured one (because all the coloured sets had limited edition on them). I actually got this from Office Outlet for something near £2.00 but I don’t think I will be going back there as their things are crazy expensive when compared.


I thought that this tin was going to be part of the Unearthed Collection because of all the pineapples all over it but it turns out it’s just a basic tin with cute pineapples. It was £1.00 and I am just going to be having this one more on hand than in my bag everyday because I will be keeping the essentials in here.

These polly-pocket, punched-pockets whatever you want to call them, are from Wilko for like £1.00 and in Office Outlet, they were like, £4.00. See what I mean?!

To go with those, I got the binder from Asda for something around £2.00 – yeah I can’t find the receipt for that either. A lot of these things I remember and so if them from Wilko still have price stickers on then. But anyways I fell in love with this patterned binder a couple months ago (yup) and they still had it in stock *yay*

This is my favourite thing right here (ok, second favourite). Another Unearthed item, this ‘mini stationery!’ is undoubtedly the cutest thing ever. Who doesn’t like anything bitesized? It was £1.00 and it comes with a few bits and bobs that my be useful someday.

*woo* finally, I got this scrapbook from Wilko for £3.50 and this charging phone case from eBay for £10.00. The scrapbook has just plain pages and I think it’s really cute and I have plans for this one😌

I got the phone case in June actually because I used it for a school trip and ended up not actually needing it that day because we weren’t even allowed to use our mobile data. *rolls eyes* So like what’s the point in bringing our phones. I did however wear the living daylight outta this thing soon after and it’s done me proud! So I am going to be using it quite a bit for school since I know it’s trustworthy! I did get an umbrella from H&M but that’s not entirely interesting so moving on…

For highlighters, I have some that I have actually never really used hay I got a couple of years ago so that’s sorted.

I hope you enjoyed that and leave a comment of which bits were your favourite and which you got for yourself! 

Lots ah love,

MyGirlBlogger, forever online xxx