The LoveHate thing with Pinterest 

Pinterest is my actual enemy right now. Although I’m actually spending a lot of time on it recently. That’s why I hate it so much.

I am literally scrolling through the app and all I see is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L pictures of every single one of my autumn goals in a single photo. I don’t understand how everyone’s blogging about how Pinterest is the best place to go for anything when it’s literally depressing😂

TBH I would have said the same thing. I go to Pinterest quite a bit and it’s the place to find everything. From blog post inspiration to what to have for tea tonight, Pinterest has basically got you pinning EVERY SINGLE THING YOU SEE.

It’s a bit of a Love-Hate kind of situation when it comes to Pinterest for me. I’m legit on Pinterest like once a month😂 I spend like the whole day on it when I am on it so that’s why I don’t go on it too often. But I mightt be going on it a tiny bit more this season just for a few ideas.

What are your opinions on Pinterest right now? Leave it in the comments!


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