10 things I love about Autumn🎃

“How come autumn is so beautiful when everything’s just dying?”

Hi everyone❤️

Today I am doing a collab withhh – drum roll please – Life as Najida (she is posting at 6)!!! She will be posting her blog posts so you better head over to her amazing blog because you have no idea what you are missing out on😉

Autumn is my favourite season (now😂) because it’s just absolutely… ok I am just going to start this list otherwise I am going to be going on for a while😂

10 Things I Love About Autumn

  1. The sound of leaves crunching underneath your feet
  2. The short days and the long nights
  3. The low key awesome photos on your Instagram feed
  4. This emoji 🍁
  5. Halloween and the costumes and the sweets and the videos and the make up and the excuse to scare the life out of people and the pumpkin carving and…
  6. The really cute beanies and the mahuuusive warm jumpers
  7. Autumn is the time to binge watch Netflix. Ok no actually it’s ok to binge any season😂
  8. Pumpkin spiced frappes of course!
  9. The different shades that are just perfect for autumn
  10. That inspiration you just get to post about… well literally… anything

That’s my list. What’s yours? Write a post like this and tweet me (or just dm on Insta) and I will definitely have a read❤️ And don’t forget to go and check out the Najida’s post alongside this one!